What should I do if I experience disruptions in the middle of my sleep restriction program?

What should I do if I experience disruptions in the middle of my sleep restriction program?

Sometimes you might experience inevitable disruptions in the middle of your sleep restriction program. For example, you might fall sick, or you might have upcoming travel plans. 

Our first advice is for you to wait and only start your sleep restriction program when you know you would be able to dedicate at least 2 weeks without any disruptions. But that is not always possible (e.g. if you fall sick in the middle of the program, or if you have to travel due to an emergency).

In that case, we recommend that you put a pause on the program and return to it after. You don't have to restart the program from the beginning, although you can do so if you would like to (refer to the article How do I restart my program?). 

It is especially important for you to pause sleep restriction when you're not feeling well. When you're sick, your immune system is already under additional stress and this is when getting adequate amount of sleep is even more important. Remember that safety always comes first. 

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