Is Stellar Sleep effective?

Is Stellar Sleep effective?

Stellar Sleep is proven to be highly effective. We have helped over 10,000 users fall asleep faster, spend more time asleep, and wake up less during the night, and many of them were able to see results in as little as 2 weeks.
Over 80% of patients who used Stellar Sleep reported a permanent improvement in sleep quality. Our users reported an average of:
  1.  74 min increase in total sleep time
  2. 53 min reduction in time to fall asleep
  3. 52% fewer awakenings in the middle of the night
I used to sleep only 3 - 5 hours a night. I’m 3 weeks into the Stellar Sleep program now and have been able to sleep 7+ hours consistently. - G. Feeney, Aug 2022

In a NRS research study with a cohort of 100 patients, Stellar Sleep outperformed sleeping pills and CBT-I delivered over telemedicine in reducing symptoms of insomnia, and is just as effective as in-person CBT-I. The results are based on measured improvements in insomnia severity index score (ISI) from the start of the program to the end of the program. ISI is the most widely adopted screening tool used by physicians to assess symptoms of insomnia and has been clinically validated.
We’re in the process of running a full clinical study with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, under a grant from the Massachusetts eHealth institute. 
You can learn more about the science behind our program here.
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